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According to Best Practices in Literacy Instruction by Lesley Morrow, Linda Gambrell, and Michael Pressley, there are eight principles of best practices that represent a "common ground".
1. Making Meaning
2. Prior Knowledge
3. Gradual Release of Responsibility
4. Social Collaboration
5. Motivation
6. High-Level Thinking
7. Balanced Instruction
8. Informed Decision Making

My name is Deborah Grate Frink. I teach English Language Arts at a middle school in South Carolina, and I am constantly searching for methods to entice the students to learn. Learning is the key to a better life, but it is difficult to instill this thought into the minds of the young.
I have conducted research on the best practices for literacy instruction and I have used that information to create lesson plans for my classroom.
Please enjoy your visit and I hope you find the information helpful.

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You speak of beginning the education of your son. The moment he was able to form an idea his education was already begun. . . .

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